Apple's iPhone 5 'Most Anticipated Gadget' of 2012

By Josh Long Comments

It must be nice to be a part of Apple Inc.'s sales team since marketing the iPhone and iPad can't be a very tough sell.

A poll conducted by SodaHead -- an opinion-based community on the web -- found that the iPhone 5 "is the most anticipated gadget of the year" with 35 percent of the votes.

"As if there was any doubt," the website declared.

In the poll that attracted 513 responses, the iPad 3 ranked as the second most anticipated tech product in 2012 with 20 percent of the votes. Interest in Apple's future tablet was followed by Google's tablet (16 percent), the PlayStation Vita (12 percent), the Wii U (11 percent) and Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 (7 percent).

It's possible that Apple will release the iPhone 5 later this year, but the pundits have to wonder whether the consumer electronics giant has adequate incentive to do so. Demand for the iPhone 4S continues to be strong: A ChangeWave Research survey conducted late last month of 4,000 consumers in North America found that 54 percent of respondents plan to buy an iPhone in the next 90 days.

"Apple has never dominated smart phone planned buying to this extent more than two months after a major new release," ChangeWave Research said.

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