Bandwave Launches Cable-Connect Service


Broadband aggregator Bandwave Systems LLC, Burlington, N.J., announced Monday the launch of its Cable-Connect service, which aggregates services from more than 40 cable providers, including  Comcast, Charter, Cablevision, Time Warner and Cox.

Bandwave started more than 11 years ago with a focus on aggregating DSL services for businesses. Now, founder and managing partner Tom Azelby, says a similar opportunity exists to aggregate cable networks for businesses due in part to cable companies significantly expanding their business coverage.

Significantly, cable offers diversity from the incumbent telecom facilities. “With so many applications moving to the cloud, the need for robust and reliable backup service is now mandatory for enterprise business organizations. Cable is affordable and diverse, it’s the best option for enterprise backup," Azelby said.

Azelby estimates the top 10 MSOs control 65 percent of the national cable coverage, while the remainder is split among 30 regional providers.  This fragmentation makes it more difficult for businesses to source cable services directly.

“Because of our experience with DSL and other data service technologies, we know how to provide our clients with the coverage they need without the hassle of multiple providers," said Azebly.

Cable-Connect offers customers a single contract and consolidation monthly invoice as well as proactive monitoring across all endpoints and customer support.

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