Verizon Wireless: iPhone Sales Have Exploded Online


Verizon Wireless’ online sales department was humming the weekend the mobile operator released the iPhone 4.

Responding to criticism that Verizon Wireless had shorter lines than anticipated the week it debuted the iPhone in its retail stores, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead told Reuters and the Wall Street Journal that about 60 percent of the company’s iPhone sales had been online. 

Although it is unclear whether that percentage reflects total overall sales to date, it is apparent the iPhone is a monumental hit at Verizon Wireless.  Mead said the company sold more iPhones during the initial launch than any product in his employer’s history. And he added that the iPhone netted 100 times more orders than usual at peak sales times.

Verizon Wireless won’t disclose the number of phones it has sold until it releases its next earnings report, but Mead reaffirmed the company’s guidance that the company would sell as many as 11 million devices this year. Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Timothy Horan estimates Verizon Wireless will sell between three and four million iPhone 4s in the first quarter.

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