MSPAlliance Debuts New Standard for Cloud, Managed Services Providers
March 29, 2011 - News

The MSPAlliance (MSPA), an accrediting body for the managed services industry, on Tuesday debuted the new Unified Certification Standard (UCS) for cloud and managed services providers.

The UCS will allow managed services providers to show clients audited proof of their growth, as well as other important aspects of their business models.

The UCS contains two levels – the first, a report with a fixed certification date, while the other produces a forward-looking report. An independent third-party certified public accounting firm will issue the reports, giving “greater levels of assurance – more than any technical certification – to the service provider and their clients," said Charles Weaver, president and co-founder of the MSPAlliance.

Scott West, CEO of provider CloudSway, called the UCS a groundbreaking achievement for his sector.

“As cloud technology is just beginning to reach critical mass around the world, the need for an effective standard that has an easy-to-understand public report … is something that will only help … our industry," West said.

The MSPAlliance didn’t specify how much members will pay to earn the UCS. The MSPAlliance is the same group that developed the Managed Services Accreditation Program in 2005.

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