Less Than 15% of Companies Have Virtualized Mission-Critical Apps, Survey Finds
By Charlene O'Hanlon
September 01, 2010 - News

Fueled by doubt that their mission-critical applications would perform as well in a virtualized environment, only 14 percent of companies have virtualized their Tier 1 applications, according to a recent survey by AppDynamics.

The Application Virtualization Outlook survey looked at the virtualization of business applications among enterprise companies. The results showed a definite adoption trend in non-critical applications in virtual environments. However, virtualization of mission-critical applications lags, mainly because companies are unsure how well their applications would work in a virtual environment.

A significant number of respondents – 83 percent – reported having virtualized their non-critical applications, citing the benefits of virtualization. But only 14 percent had fully virtualized their Tier 1 or mission-critical applications. Respondents also noted they were 50 percent more likely to virtualize employee-touching applications rather than customer-touching applications.

Despite knowing the benefits of virtualization, many companies are reluctant to move their Tier 1 applications because of employee fears that the application isn’t designed to support virtualization (49 percent of respondents) or that its performance would degrade as a virtualized app (45 percent of respondents), the survey noted. Along those lines, 52 percent reported that application owners had blocked plans to virtualize a Tier 1 application.

“It’s on the shoulders of the virtualization teams to demonstrate that virtualization won’t impact their ability to achieve business objectives," said Jyoti Bansal, CEO of AppDynamics in a release announcing the survey results. “By baselining performance in the non-virtualized environment and capturing detailed performance metrics, companies can provide an apples-to-apples comparison pre-and post-virtualization. This is a great first step to encourage the virtualization of mission-critical applications."

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