Microsoft Co-Founder Sues Google, Apple, Pretty Much Everyone


Remember the ‘90s? Seinfeld reigned, everyone wore flannel and Britney Spears was a young, wholesome teenager. Times may have changed, but Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says in some ways, when it comes to technology, they haven’t.

Allen filed a lawsuit Friday against Google, Apple, AOL  … you name a big tech or Internet company, and they’re probably on the list. He’s even going after office retailers like Staple and Office Depot. The man who now spends a lot of his time with his pro sports teams in the Northwest says the defendants are all guilty of patent infringement related to a business he started back in 1992, called Interval Research.

Interval shut down in 2000 after garnering 300 patents. Four of those area at the center of this lawsuit.

While the filing got no public reaction from most of the companies, the Seattle Times quotes Facebook as saying the case has no merit. Google fired back, essentially calling it sour grapes, calling a “trend of people trying to compete in the courtroom instead of the marketplace."

One of the patents at the heart of the lawsuit has to do with how software allows many websites to offer related information and related articles on their Web pages, much like you’ll find at the bottom of this article.


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