Bluesocket Expands vWLAN Line With Branch-Office Offering


Wireless LAN vendor Bluesocket has extended its vWLAN product line to address the branch-office market.

vWLAN branch utilizes Bluesocket’s vWLAN distributed architecture, identity-based routing and bridge forwarding data at the edge of the network, eliminating the need to send data back to the controller and thus avoiding bottlenecks on the network. Data then can be routed more efficiently at the edge, thus increasing overall throughput and performance.

“The vWLAN branch solution will enable organizations to empower their branch office to be as productive and secure as their corporate office without building out expensive infrastructure," said Mads Lillelund, CEO of Bluesocket in a release announcing the offering. “vWLAN branch is particularly suited for large branch office deployments because of the incredible cost efficiencies that result from removing the controller at the branch."

Security features of vWLAN branch include identity-based forwarding, which directs data packets based on client roles. Clients can authenticate to local servers at the branch, or to corporate servers at company’s main site. Network access control is enabled via a private IP address space for unauthenticated users. The system does not use SSID for authentication; rather, it authenticates users based on certain credentials. Once they are authenticated, users are moved to the appropriate bridged VLAN. Firewall policies are enforced before, during and after authentication, at both Layer 2 and Layer 3.

The vWLAN branch is installed and managed at the main site with access points at the branch locations, eliminating the need for additional network buildout. If installed in a cloud computing environment, vWLAN performs identity-based route and bridge forwarding for clients connecting to Bluesocket access points spread across multiple private networks behind any number of NAT-devices.

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