Dupee Shapes New Philosophy at InterCall
By Cara Sievers
May 12, 2009 - News

After three years as CEO at Copper Conferencing, Brad Dupee left the company to join InterCall in February as regional vice president of channel sales, presiding over global channel sales, which currently includes North America and EMEA.

Replacing Dupee as CEO at Copper is Carolyn Bradfield, a 20-year conferencing industry veteran, who founded the company with Dupee in 2006. Bradfield also was one of the original founders of InterCall and later founded and developed two audio conferencing reseller companies, Quorum Conferencing and InterAct Conferencing.

“A changing of the guard is really what took place; we had a wonderful program,” said Dupee. “It is my belief that InterCall has the largest performing channel in the conferencing business. And to take all of those resources that have been aggregated and accumulated from partners and start to create better bonds with that base of partners is essentially what we’re trying to do.”

Under Dupee’s guidance, InterCall is initiating an enhanced channel strategy in an effort to further strengthen its position with partners and SMB customers. Essentially, InterCall is reassessing and realigning its focus on building personal relationships with its performing partners. Dupee and his team are matching partners to channel managers based on personalities, work styles and common personal interests.

“In my experience, historically, the relationships that had that element attached to it, outside of just professional performance and everybody executing their job, added, I believe, exponents to the overall measurement of any partnership, including sales success,” said Dupee, adding that his 10-plus years in the conferencing channel has allowed him to get to know many of the partners on a personal level, enabling him to make these assessments. Dupee added that geography was never a consideration when teaming partners and managers, and the relationship has always been more important. Of course, this is supported by the fact that InterCall is in the remote meeting business.

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