Cloud Partners Buyer's Guide: Cloud Distributors

The Future of Distribution in a Cloud World

Cloud Partners Buyer's Guide: Cloud Distributors

Issue Summary

Cloud is transforming the way businesses purchase and consume technology. It’s also transforming the traditional supply chain such that the lines between supplier and partner are blurred. The question then is what will become of distribution in this emerging cloud ecosystem? This Digital Issue will explore how distribution companies – IT distributors and telecom master agencies – are evolving their businesses to meet the needs of a cloud world.

Table of Contents

  • IT Distributor's Journey to the Cloud
  • Telecom Master Agencies Take on Cloud
  • Cloud Distributors at Cloud Partners
  • Cloud Distributor Profiles

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Understand how cloud challenges traditional distribution models.
  • Identify critical functions that cloud distributors can perform for VARs or agents that are becoming cloud partners.
  • Discover leading cloud distributors and their competitive differentiators.