Delivering the Higher Cloud: How Channel Partners Can Accelerate Strategic Cloud Initiatives for Their Customers

Delivering the Higher Cloud

Issue Summary

As businesses demand more strategic cloud solutions that deliver value across their organizations, cloud partners must take a more holistic approach, beginning with a needs assessment and a cloud migration road map and ending with a fully integrated cloud or hybrid solution. This, in turn, demands that cloud partners position cloud services to meet the objectives of key decision makers in business and finance as well as IT; they must be equally conversant about business outcomes, capex vs. opex comparisons, and integration and migration processes. This Digital Issue will look at best practices for cloud partners delivering the Higher Cloud.

Editor's Note:
This Digital Issue is Part 2 of a 3-part series, which also includes:

Table of Contents

  • Get Started
  • Commit To Cloud
  • Focus on Outcomes
  • Boost Skills
  • Choose a Model
  • Add Value

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Understand the skill sets cloud partners need to support strategic cloud initiatives.
  • Identify how cloud partners must evolve their portfolios to deliver the Higher Cloud.
  • Learn how solutions providers must retool their sales approach to sell strategic cloud solutions.