Defining the Higher Cloud: How Strategic Cloud Initiatives Are Enabling Agile Businesses

Defining the Higher Cloud

Issue Summary

Business adoption of cloud services is moving to the next level. Early cloud use was opportunistic – to meet short time frames, limited compute requirements or line-of-business buying. Going forward, it is becoming more strategic, enabling business process transformation and driven by collaboration between business, finance and IT leaders. This Digital Issue will look at how that shift to a "higher cloud" strategy will fundamentally change the way businesses leverage technology to achieve business value – from efficiency to agility to profitability.

Editor's Note:
This Digital Issue is Part 1 of a 3-part series, which also includes:

Table of Contents

  • How Is Cloud Adoption Evolving?
  • What's Driving Higher Cloud Strategies?
  • What Are the Challenges to Higher Cloud?
  • What Entities Are Embracing the Higher Cloud?
  • Which Decision-Makers Are Leading Higher Cloud Initiatives?

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Understand why organizations are embracing a more strategic approach to cloud spend (Hint: it's not just cost savings.)
  • Find out what types of businesses are most likely to adopt a Higher Cloud strategy.
  • Discover what decision-makers – business, finance or IT – are leading the transition to strategic cloud spend.