The Benefits of a SIP Phone Solution

The Benefits of a SIP Phone Solution

Issue Summary

The appearance of SIP phones was one of the major steps in the evolution of enterprise telephone systems, and a burgeoning opportunity for resellers. Here's why: Desk sets always have been a significant component in the cost of a PBX system, typically accounting for more than 50 percent. And since the PBX vendor was the only one building sets that supported its proprietary signaling, there was only one place to buy them. The business customer simply had little choice but to pay for the phones. In contrast, SIP phones can operate on any PBX that supports SIP signaling. This Pulse Digital Issue will take a look at the drivers for increasing SIP phone sales as well as what to look for in a SIP phone.

Table of Contents

  • Why SIP Phones?
  • What Differentiates SIP Phones?
  • The Lync Dilemma
  • Channel Opportunity

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Identify the five primary drivers for SIP phone sales, which number 5 million devices annually.
  • Review the range of SIP phones—from low-end to high-end—and get a handy selection checklist.
  • Consider variations on the traditional desk set, including SIP softphones and SIP Wi-Fi phones.