Cablecos Make a Cloud Play With Ethernet Connections

Cloud Play

Issue Summary

With the shift to cloud computing, network connectivity is now an essential piece of the puzzle as users demand high-speed, reliable, secure and manageable access to their applications. Indeed, cloud connectivity has become a key battleground for Ethernet services providers. Cablecos — while newer entrants to the Carrier Ethernet market — are challenging telcos' lead. This Pulse Digital Issue will take a look at cablecos' ascent in the Ethernet market, their offers and the potential impact of cableco consolidation.

Table of Contents

  • Ethernet Competitors
  • Cableco Ethernet Leaders
  • Cablecos' Ethernet Future

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Compare cableco and telco performance in the growing U.S. Ethernet services market.
  • Review the business Ethernet strategies for the top 5 cable MSOs.
  • Assess the impact of the pending merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable on competition for Ethernet business services.