Downtime, Data Loss Key to BC/BDR Solution Sales

Downtime, Data Loss Key to BC/BDR Solution Sales

Issue Summary

BC/BDR, once regarded as an expensive insurance policy for a low-probability event, is quickly morphing into a high priority for many businesses. That's because operator errors, which cause more downtime and data loss than do natural disasters, can be a daily occurrence. Even so, there’s still work to do for vendors and their channel partners to move BC/BDR off businesses' back burners to the front, and it starts with customer and partner education. This Pulse Digital Issue will take a look at the market opportunity, where partners can play, and how they can be successful selling BC/BDR solutions.

Table of Contents

  • BC/BDR Terminology
  • BC/BDR Solutions
  • The Case For BC/BDR
  • Channel Opportunities in BC/BDR
  • BC/BDR Sales Tips

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Understand the costs of downtime and data loss for businesses.
  • Learn the difference between backup, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Discover nine tips for building a successful BC/BDR practice.