Lighting Up Sales With Electricity

Lighting Up Sales With Electricity

Issue Summary

For several years now, electricity sales have presented a way for network-centric channel partners to diversify their practices. That's because, from sales approaches to delivery methods, power holds much in common with telecom, making it a relatively simple addition to a partner's portfolio. Learn more about the opportunities created by recent electricity deregulation in the United States, as well as the selling challenges to expect and best practices to employ.

Table of Contents

  • Pinpointing Opportunities
  • Comparing Electricity & Telecom
  • Assessing Sales Challenges
  • Understanding Sales Best Practices
  • Getting Paid

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Find out which of 18 states support a competitive electricity market.
  • Identify the types of electricity providers and how to choose the best supplier.
  • Understand the revenue potential for selling electricity to your customers.