Profiting From Private Cloud Services

Profiting From Private Cloud Services

Issue Summary

Outsourcing the implementation and/or management of a private cloud – dedicated or virtual – to a cloud service provider presents an opportunity for enterprising channel partners. This Digital Issue will look at the demand and drivers for private cloud services as well as how to sell them and what to look for in a provider.

Table of Contents

  • Defining Delivery Options
  • Assessing Demand & Drivers
  • Identifying Challenges & Opportunities
  • Qualifying Prospects
  • Selecting Providers
  • Case Study: Financial Association
  • Case Study: Payroll Processor

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Discover 3 myths about public clouds (or 3 reasons to consider private clouds)
  • Learn why the challenges of implementing and managing private clouds are an opportunity for channel partners
  • See how two companies solved security and DR challenges using private cloud services