Ideas for Optimizing a Cloud Services Brokerage

Ideas for Optimizing Your Cloud Services Brokerage

Issue Summary

A cloud services brokerage (CSB) helps business clients source cloud services from a portfolio of cloud services providers. The CSB playbook is still being written, but experts already are able to point to a few early decisions that will impact the structure of and, consequently, your options for optimizing your cloud services business. This Digital Issue shares tips for maximizing recurring revenue, incenting sales and delivering added value.

Table of Contents

  • Choosing Business Models
  • Transitioning to Recurring Revenue
  • Incenting Subscription Sales
  • Maximizing Recurring Revenue
  • Delivering Added Value

Takeaways for Your Business

  • How should you work with cloud services providers (agent vs. reseller)?
  • How should you build your cloud practice (integrated vs. dedicated)?
  • How should you source cloud services (direct vs. distribution)?