What Is a Cloud Partner?

What Is a Cloud Partner?

Despite the simplicity of the word itself, the “cloud” is a complex concept that encompasses a range of technologies, services and deployment models. It is not surprising then that the partner channel is equally diverse. So what exactly is a cloud partner? This Digital Issue will attempt an answer to that question by taking a look at the range of cloud partner business models and showcasing how some of them are tackling the opportunity presented by “as-a-service" technology delivery.

Because the channel opportunity in the cloud is evolving, the possibilities will continue to grow. For this Digital Issue, Channel Partners identified:

  • 10 emerging cloud partner business models and 11 possible areas of specialization
  • Transformation paths for 7 legacy channel partners adding cloud services to create a "hybrid" model
  • The origins of two other new partner types
  • The likely evolution of roles for partners and suppliers in the emerging cloud value chain