Best Practices for Adding Managed IT Services

Best Practices for Adding Managed IT Services

If you are an "IT guy," offering managed services may be a no-brainer, but that doesn't necessarily mean you've done it or are doing it successfully.  If you aren't an IT guy, but a telecom reseller or agent, you may see the opportunity, but are concerned about your lack of IT expertise. Either way, building a new line of business can be intimidating – not to mention capital, and time-intensive – without reasonable assurances of success. This Digital Issue will take a look at best practices for adding managed services, including turnkey and resell options that can jumpstart your time to profitability in the managed services space.

Topics covered include:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Defining Characteristics
  • Building Blocks
  • Business Models
  • Service Plans
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Best Practices