Identifying Security Trends & Opportunities

Identifying Security Trends & Opportunities

While companies are adopting cloud services, mobile apps, social networking or all of the above, security remains an overriding concern. Ironically, these new solutions are partly to blame for the growing obsession with security as they are challenging companies' abilities to protect their information systems and data in new ways – expanding if not eliminating the traditional defense perimeter that was guarded handily by a firewall not long ago. Today, cloud-based services and mobile-social workforces necessitate greater vigilance of a layered and managed approach. Find out more about this opportunity in our Pulse on Security, which includes sections on:

  • Measuring the Market
  • Pinpointing Risk Factors
  • Understanding Security Threats
  • Classifying Security Solutions
  • Considering Managed Security Services
  • Assessing the Channel Opportunity
  • Starting the Sales Conversation
  • Creating Security Plans & Policies