Locking Down the Cloud-Based Workspace

Locking Down the Cloud Workspace

The chief objection to the adoption of cloud computing is security. End users are concerned that cloud service providers do not have the security infrastructure, policies and procedures necessary to adequately safeguard data and respond to security incidents. As trusted advisers, channel partners need to understand their concerns and be able to reassure customers that their business-critical applications are safe in hosted environments. To help partners do that, this issue will identify risks and ways to mitigate them:

Top 7 Threats to Cloud Computing
To help organizations in making educated risk-management decisions regarding their cloud adoption strategies, the Cloud Security Alliance, has compiled a guide to the top cloud computing threats.

Critical Control Areas for Cloud Security
The Cloud Security Alliance has identified 12 domains, addressing both the strategic and tactical security "pain points" within a cloud environment. The governance domains address strategic and policy issues while the operational domains focus on more tactical security concerns.

Securing Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds
What complicates the cloud security issue is that different cloud architectures result in different questions, which lead to different answers. A silver bullet for cloud security does not exist. One must take into consideration whether you are dealing with a private, hybrid or public cloud.

Securing Cloud Endpoints
Symantec commissioned the "2012 Endpoint Security Best Practices Survey" to see how IT is coping with endpoint security. The findings show a wide variance between how the best and worst organizations handle endpoint security.

Questions to Ask Cloud Providers About Security
Gaining efficiency and reducing costs are benefits driving IT infrastructure into the cloud, while security is the main worry preventing it. By asking the right questions, you can find a provider with contract terms and SLAs that establish the foundation for a trusted business relationship.

Countering Customers' Cloud Security Concerns
FUD — fear, uncertainty and doubt — are probably the biggest contributors to an enterprise's insecurity about cloud security. This article outlines some strategies to use to overcome customer objections.