The Transformation of White Glove Technologies - Part 5
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Transformation Leader:
Tommy Wald, CEO
Number of employees: 90
Year established: 1993
Original transactional business model: VAR
Post-transformation business model: Managed services provider (MSP), with more than half of overall revenue coming from recurring commissions.

What are your company's next steps in its transformation away from a transactional business model?

White Glove’s next steps are to continue to focus on selling more into the "IT value stack" where the integration of IT business systems becomes more strategic and important. We want to enable business intelligence for our clients and support their needs for more real-time information from disparate systems. This level of IT support is above and beyond the typical day-to-day support and administration that most providers offer, and requires more of a business consulting effort. As such, our staffing needs have evolved so that we’re seeking recruits with a broader business background and experience, versus the typical IT technician.


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