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As part of its regular coverage of telecom and IT channels, Channel Partners covers the transformation of channel business models. This blog includes entries from its ongoing coverage, including case studies of partners in transformation.

The Transformation of Quest – Part 4


Transformation leader: Tim Burke, President and CEO
Number of employees: 100
Year established: 1982
Original transactional business model: VAR/IT systems integrator/interconnect
Post-transformation business model: Transactional business continues to be a part of what we do, but we work with our clients as partners helping them deliver technology.

How has your company been challenged by the transformation away from a transactional business model?

Our company has experienced a challenge by this transformation in that most vendors and service providers are not interested in our transformation — they are transaction-/quota-driven. Additionally, internal sales staff has difficulty with the paradigm shift away from transactional sales and a company might see some attrition among sales staff as the traditional model evolves.


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