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The Transformation of Telecom Advisors - Part 3

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Transformation leader: Dan Vidal, Managing Director
Number of employees: 5
Year established: 2002
Original transactional business model: Telecom agent/subagent
Post-transformation business model: Consultant/“trusted adviser"

How has your company benefited from the transformation away from a transactional business model?

Since we’re still early in our transformation process (about 25 percent as I previously stated), the results are not yet fully matured but even in their infancy, we can already see a pretty major shift in various ways. For example, we’ve noticed that we’re moving up the value chain in that we’re speaking more with C-level folks within our customers that we were not speaking with previously. One example is with a multibillion-dollar banking client of ours, whereby we previously only worked with the vice president of IT at the highest level. Now we know and regularly meet with the COO and even CEO.

To get that “anointing" of valued time on their calendar means we’ve delivering to them as partners and not just vendors. We’re involved in the strategic planning and not just taking orders, which is a huge difference, especially at a company of this size. This is completely a result of the transformation process and was intended by design, so it’s very encouraging and a positive indicator to see this result across the board. We’ve also “seen the light" with regard to scalability. We have a road map in place whereby we are measuring the full transformation within our managed services space especially. The ability to scale massively and break through the previous barriers of plateau is solidly in place — and that has really been one of the most important benefits of transformation in the first place.

We have also seen growth in revenue this year over last along with some more diversity of where that revenue is coming from — it’s not all wireline circuit commissions as it once was. To see this during the economic state we are in is also quite encouraging and we believe it is setting the foundation for massive growth in the years to come. Lastly, we’re even seeing unexpected results and new revenue streams coming in from “non-traditional" sources, which have us strategically assessing new and yet additional avenues of transformation.


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