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Rebecca Rosen

Sales Enablement is a blog written by Rebecca Rosen, principal consultant at Sales Enabled, a channel-focused consulting firm that helps organizations identify and eliminate sales hurdles that block the path to success.


A Tale of Two Channel Organizations

Growth occurs when you work on the business and not in it.
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Coaching Customer Advocates to Help You Close More Deals

The average IT purchase involves 5.4 decision makers. So even when a stakeholder intends to buy, he still must convince 4.4 other people to do the same. As a result, 70 percent of all promising deals die. You can up those odds by coaching these advocates to gain consensus.
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Take LinkedIn Seriously: It Can Boost Your Sales by 16%

Access to information, online content and social sites have changed the way that buyers engage with brands and purchase services.
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The Great Sales Talent Shortage

Baby boomers are exiting the talent pool, there aren’t enough skilled salespeople to take their places and all of the companies famous for groundbreaking sales training are gone or don’t offer training anymore — but there are opportunities to help you in this time of need.
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Understanding a Win for the Status Quo

The longer and more confusing the sales process, the more the perceived need for change diminishes and the more likely the client is to maintain status quo.
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CMO: Bridge the Gap Between Marketing & IT

Business growth requires that IT and marketing work together, that the CMO and the CIO collaborate to harness the power of integrated solutions.
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