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SIP Specialists vs. Carriers

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Jeremy KerthBy Jeremy Kerth, Managing Partner, Wired Networks Inc.

As of today just about all the carriers are in the SIP game. You may have noticed it’s taken the carriers a little longer to get into it for a whole lot of reasons – cannibalization is the one that comes to mind first. Anyway, they are now in the game and with the sales forces (agents) fully in tow, and they are trying to conquer the SIP markets. However, there are other players that have been in this space well before it was cool. Some have not only survived, but are prospering. I am sure you can think of a few off the top of your head. Those guys have been doing the SIP thing for years. 

So, here’s the proverbial $1 million question: Which is going to do a better job and, more importantly, keep your phone from ringing with calls from angry customers?

Is it the carrier that has lots of people, resources, processes and management or is it the mom-and-pop with several thousand seats/users that runs like a well-oiled machine?

We have been betting on the niche SIP providers of late, but is there reason to look at the big carriers? Sure there is!  The carriers do own the networks, they do have tons of resources, and they do have relatively deep pockets, which are all question marks for some of the smaller SIP niche providers. The downside to the major carriers is they don’t have mature products or processes yet, they aren’t real excited to displace good ol’ TDM so they price it that way, and they don’t have the “been there, done that" experience that the smaller niche providers do. 

It will be a matter of time before the carriers catch up, and they will, but we have customers asking about this now, as I know you do too. If it comes down to it, we are putting our eggs in the niche basket. Where are you putting yours?

Jeremy Kerth is managing partner for Wired Networks, a telecom agency he founded in 2008. Wired Networks offers multicarrier telecom services, network optimization, project and inventory management, cabling and installation. Before striking out on his own, Kerth worked with agencies Liquid Networx and RealCom Solutions. Prior to entering the channel, he spent five years in sales with Qwest. He started his telecom career in 1999 with Nettel.  He also is a member of the 2010-11 Channel Partners Advisory Board.


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