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Lean on Me: The New Symbiotic Ecosystem

As agents, we rely on the master agents, and the master agents rely on the providers who in turn rely upon us to help advocate their solutions.
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How to Approach Your Customer-Centric Channel Program

As a partner, think about the motivations behind how your customers think and what they do.
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The Cloud Is for Everyone, But Not for Everything

When you talk to your clients about moving to the cloud, develop an understanding of the requirements of their most used applications and the bandwidth needed for them to make the move.
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5 Strategies Every VAR Should Know

For VARs to be successful in today’s competitive market, there’s little room for error.
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IRS Approves Windstream REIT for Asset Spinoff

Windstream will spin off the REIT into an investment opportunity for interested parties and intends for it to pay its shareholders a dividend. The REIT won't owe any corporate tax as long as it pays out 90 percent or more of its taxable income.
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Leveraging the Channel: Getting ‘SaaS-y’ in the Cloud

VARs, MSPs, CSPs and distributors are all asking the same thing: How do I stay relevant? ...
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VARs Must Jump Learning Hurdles to Stay in Business

Keep in mind that if you are not the one providing new, energizing telecom solutions, your competition will be.
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