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Comcast: 'Ethernet Everywhere' Will Be Big Business in 2014

The big question is not whether businesses need Ethernet — it’s whether Ethernet is available and how soon they can get it.
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Quant Jocks vs. Process Poets

A look at the evolving channel operations competency model.
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High Tech’s New Challenge: Hearing Voices (of Channel Partners)

To thrive in the rapidly evolving vendor-partner ecosystem, vendors need to listen to their partners closely, react quickly to partners’ needs and measure their satisfaction with what’s most meaningful to them.
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The Real Secret to a Successful New Year's Marketing Plan

One very critical strategy for mapping out any successful marketing plan for a business is to think in terms of opportunity, not campaigns.
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Removing the Blindfold

Acclerating growth through data-driven channel management.
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7 Benefits of Hosted UC

Hosted UC leverages a growing interest in cloud-based applications.
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The 5 Hidden Costs of Microsoft Licensing

What partners working with the software giant's products need to know.
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