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The Peer-to-Peer blog is a forum for Channel Partners readers with the goal of stimulating discussion among partners about important issues impacting their business. The opinions expressed here are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Channel Partners editors or publishers. If you are interested in submitting a blog, please contact Managing Editor Buffy Naylor,


Why It Makes Sense for MSPs to Join a Peer Group

A look at what peer groups are, the types available and how to determine if you should get involved with one.
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What Do I Do When My Leads Dry Up?

You don’t have to move away from your core business, your area of expertise; you can find a way to add a broader suite of products into your sales offerings to increase revenue and keep your customers “sticky".
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Why Deal Registration Is a Must for Cloud Vendors

Deal or opportunity registration has emerged as an industry best practice adopted by many leading technology vendors as a key component in their partner programs.
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Partnering With MSPs for Cloud Services Is a Win-Win

Here are 11 reasons why resellers should consider partnering with a managed application service provider for their next application deployment in the cloud.
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Bell Labs Are Wired for Speed

Bell Labs has established a new world record for data transmission over copper.
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A Rose by Any Other Name

A study by Kinesis of smartphone user activity found that 15 percent of the participants didn’t use their smartphones to make or receive calls at all. So while the device may be smart, should we be calling it a “phone?" ...
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How Hosted VoIP Can Keep Your Ex-Salespeople From Stealing Your Customers

What happens when your most dependable customers continue to call in their orders and they contact your former star who now works for your biggest competitor? ...
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