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Bell Labs Are Wired for Speed

Bell Labs has established a new world record for data transmission over copper.
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A Rose by Any Other Name

A study by Kinesis of smartphone user activity found that 15 percent of the participants didn’t use their smartphones to make or receive calls at all. So while the device may be smart, should we be calling it a “phone?" ...
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How Hosted VoIP Can Keep Your Ex-Salespeople From Stealing Your Customers

What happens when your most dependable customers continue to call in their orders and they contact your former star who now works for your biggest competitor? ...
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Channel Transformations: What You Can Learn From HP, Dell, EMC and Xerox

Companies must constantly evaluate their channel requirements, vendor offerings and business models to remain competitive in the industry.
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MSPs Can Play a Pivotal Role in Business Continuity Planning

With hurricane season extending to Nov. 30 and flooding ranking as the most common and costly type of natural disaster in America, now is a good time to assess what businesses can do (and how MSPs can help them) to ensure that they remain in business.
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Obsolescence: Where the Cloud Really Wins, Part 3

There are some additional questions that VARs must ask on behalf of their clients to ensure maximum costs that will yield a positive ROI on cloud/obsolescence strategy.
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How to Drive An Effective Demand-Generation Strategy

As buyers consume content and educate themselves on products, it’s critical for channel partners to implement targeted marketing strategies. That way, your content remains accurate and consistent, and it tells the story a buyer wants to hear.
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