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Khali Henderson, editor in chief of Channel Partners, draws on more than two decades of experience covering telecom and IT for her observations about the technology and business trends impacting the channel.


Khali Henderson Blog: An Obituary for the Transactional Agent

Transactional Agent, 20-something, of Anytown, USA, died [fill in the date] of obsolescence and complacency, without the comfort of a loyal customer base.
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Khali Henderson Blog: Agents, Where’s the Love?

You never write, you never call, you never answer important surveys … ...
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Khali Henderson Blog: Reckless Indifference of Cloud Sickness

Channel Partners' editor-in-chief is baffled by agents' disinterest in – not fear of – cloud services.
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Khali Henderson Blog: Our ‘New’ Brand

After more than 20 years, we are retiring the PHONE+ name and moving forward with one brand, Channel Partners.
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Khali Henderson Blog: Why Wireline Agents Still Don’t Sell Wireless

In order for agents to sell anything, there has to be a significant upside or a significant downside. Up until recently, wireless has offered them neither.
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Khali Henderson Blog: Convergence Will Separate Men from Boys

The ones who come to the table and find alliances with complementary skill sets in technology and sales, networking and networks, broadband and base stations, etc., will be the ones that will succeed.
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Khali Henderson Blog: Up for a Minute Makeover?

A few lucky partners at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo will get some free advice from an expert panel about problems they are tackling in their businesses.
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