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Khali Henderson, editor in chief of Channel Partners, draws on more than two decades of experience covering telecom and IT for her observations about the technology and business trends impacting the channel.

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B2B Wireless Dealer Revisited

What has changed is business demand and reliance on wireless. This, in turn, has amped up the risk to agents that are not offering wireless services.
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Influencers Wanted for Channel Partners Advisory Board

Apply to become part of the 2011-12 Channel Partners Advisory Board. Enthusiasm is the No. 1 job requirement.
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Agents vs. VARs: Smackdown or Mashup?

Will longtime rivals – agents and VARS – find common ground in the cloud? ...
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Kudos to Your Channel Leaders

So many people contribute under the radar, and I hope that you will let them know that you appreciate their efforts.
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Khali Henderson Blog: An Obituary for the Transactional Agent

Transactional Agent, 20-something, of Anytown, USA, died [fill in the date] of obsolescence and complacency, without the comfort of a loyal customer base.
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Khali Henderson Blog: Agents, Where’s the Love?

You never write, you never call, you never answer important surveys … ...
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Khali Henderson Blog: Reckless Indifference of Cloud Sickness

Channel Partners' editor-in-chief is baffled by agents' disinterest in – not fear of – cloud services.
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