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MicroCorp, WIC to Co-Host Breakfast, Networking Function


Marisa Warren, founder and CEO of CAVALO Consulting, will speak on social media marketing.Telecom master agency MicroCorp and Women in the Channel (WIC) will host a breakfast and networking function at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 15, during MicroCorp's 10th annual One-on-One conference. The event will feature a presentation by Marisa Warren, founder and CEO of CAVALO Consulting, on social media marketing.

MicroCorp is a 2013 bronze sponsor of WIC, a grass-roots organization comprised of women in leadership, ownership and revenue-generating roles in the alternative sales channel sector of the telecom industry. Founded in 2011, WIC is dedicated to collaboration through identity and relationships to grow business.

“MicroCorp is very excited to welcome the Women In the Channel to our annual One-on-One event," said Stacy Conrad, director of sales for MicroCorp. “MicroCorp has been an active member of WIC since its inception, and we continue to support its mission every chance we get. We are excited as we promote opportunities to collaborate together and achieve our goals both personally and professionally."


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