Outlook 2013: Wireless Computing & Communications

By Khali Henderson and Kelly Teal Comments
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"Agents can consult with companies on their BYOD policies by leveraging a trusted mobile expert to advise on policy development and implementation. The agent can also sell or resell managed services around order management, fulfillment, help desk, logistics (device and application setup, etc.)"
—TeraNova Consulting Group's Natasha Royer Coons

Channel Challenges. Activating wireless devices has long been a challenge both due to the hyper-competitive marketplace, channel conflict, support requirements and increasingly lower per-device compensation. If they haven't already, partners must jump from a device-refresh mindset to one that encompasses mobility management, security and support. That's easier said than done; mobility solutions require resources and skills that must be acquired through training, hiring or partnering.

"Carriers not being friendly with the indirect channel, including protecting large accounts and giving direct sales teams better pricing, remains a challenge."
—Infusion Communications Group's Marnie Johnson

"Understanding the market and the trends ... requires a more strategic approach to selling than may have been required in the past. For those agents who do not fully develop the skills to sell mobility solutions, referral opportunities will be available, but at less overall revenue potential than what the value added resellers will be earning."
—Advantix Solutions Group's Josh Lipton

"Many of these wireless trends unhook traditional wireline circuits, which have been the lifeblood of the channel for years. Partners will need to find ways to make up the revenue difference by including professional services, cloud-based technologies and mobile applications to increase their revenue per sale."

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