Outlook 2013: Cloud Computing & Communications

By , Khali Henderson and Kelly Teal Comments

Partner Education, Customer Buy-In Ease As-a-Service Sales

Cloud continues to capture the industry's imagination and investment due to its transformative impact on the delivery and consumption of technology. Momentum is expected to continue in 2013 as more businesses — large and small — buy into the as-a-service model. This will ease channel sales next year. However, the tremendous potential of this nascent market has attracted big brands and startups alike, creating a fragmented supplier base and complicating provider selection for channel partners and their customers. From assessing needs to picking providers to migrating workloads, the complexity of cloud presents a growing opportunity for channel partners.

Market Opportunity. There are many predictions for the growth of the cloud service market. Most focus on public cloud services, but last year Forrester Research broke down its 2020 worldwide forecast as follows: $159.3 billion for public cloud, $66.4 billion for virtual private cloud and $15.9 billion for private cloud. That's a total cloud market of $241 billion by the end of the decade.


Gartner's public cloud forecast, released in September 2012, put the market at $109 billion in 2016. North America will account for the greatest growth at 61 percent from 2010 through 2016.

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