Top 10 Tech Trends for 2013

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8. Actionable Analytics. Analytics is increasingly delivered to users at the point of action and in context. The mobile client linked to cloud-based analytic engines and Big Data repositories potentially enables simulation, prediction, optimization and other analytics, to empower decisions making at the time and place of every business process action.

9. In-Memory Computing. IMC enables hours-long batch processes to be squeezed into minutes or even seconds, allowing businesses to more detect correlations and patterns pointing at emerging opportunities and threats in real time or near real time. Numerous vendors will deliver in-memory-based solutions over the next two years driving this approach into mainstream use.

10. Integrated Ecosystems. User demand for lower cost, simplicity and greater security is driving a shift to more integrated systems and ecosystems and away from loosely coupled heterogeneous approaches. Examples include appliances combining hardware and software to address an infrastructure or application workload or cloud-based marketplaces to facilitate purchase, consumption and/or use of capabilities from multiple vendors.

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