Outlook 2013: Cautious Optimism

By Khali Henderson and Kelly Teal Comments

Predictions for Partners in 5 Hot Markets

What will the future be? In the technology industry, we are preoccupied with this question. While this exercise is inherently speculative, it also can be instructive. Incredible technological innovations first existed as imagination — the impossible made possible. While many of us are waiting patiently for flying cars, we are very excited about 3-D printing, augmented reality and wearable computers.  As fantastic as these examples are, all are beginning to find practical application in businesses.

Understanding where businesses will spend their technology dollars in the near future and why is critical to success in the channel. That's why Channel Partners is closing out the year with a look at the five hottest growth areas for 2013: cloud services, mobility, UC&C, IP communications and cable communications. We asked leading research firms, industry analysts, suppliers and channel partners themselves what they see coming in the next year. Their views are both optimistic about the incredible opportunities for partners to outfit customers with these enabling technologies and cautious about the retooling required for partners to realize this potential quickly and profitably. Reconciling this "double vision" depends on the perspective and market position of each individual company ... or barring that, a pair of 3-D glasses.

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