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Q&A: Intelisys President Jay Bradley

By Khali Henderson
October 11, 2011 - Article

Master agency Intelisys says it will earn nearly $36 million in gross commissions in 2011 on total net billed customer revenue approaching $200 million annually. This revelation was made by Jay Bradley, president of telecom services for Intelisys, in a public blog published on its website in August. The question – one that Bradley answers in his blog – is why would a private company in a fiercely competitive industry share this information? Is it bragging rights? Intelisys may very well be the largest master agency in the country, but that’s not the intention, Bradley insists. So what is? Channel Partners asked Bradley to explain. What follows is an edited transcript of that conversation.

CP: Why disclose your revenue numbers?

Jay Bradley: The reason that we are OK with disclosing it is we think it provides some inspiration to a lot of people that we work with today – both in terms of our sales partners and our supplier partners – in terms of what’s possible. … We wanted to put it out there to say, “Hey, not only is this possible, but we think that we have really just scratched the surface. We think there is so much more to get. We believe that it’s there and that we can go get it."

CP: Isn’t there also a larger message to the channel community?  

JB: Yes, it’s a call to action to the entire industry. … Let’s think a little bit bigger. Let’s expect a little bit more. Let’s get out there and ring the bell and shout from the rooftops that a great way to do business in the telecom sector is through an independent adviser.

CP: Intelisys has set a goal of $100 million in gross commissions. Why $100 million and in what timeframe and what are your plans to get there?

JB: We do have a runway that we can see that just through organic growth alone and, based on past experience, we think we can achieve the $100 million mark before the end of the decade. That’s with no help in terms of a rollup or acquisition strategy; that’s just on our experience in growing our channel business with sales partners and no direct sales. 

CP: Does Intelisys plan to continue as a traditional master agency or to be a different kind of company in the future?

JB: … I don’t think we can sit here and say we know what the future looks like. But for all of these years, not knowing what the future would look like from a communications perspective, it’s worked out very well for the channel in terms of being able to run good, successful businesses. Now, we have our eyes on whatever will change that for the better and help accelerate our growth. In the meantime the business model we have out there — providing a national master agency working directly with partners and no direct sales and really helping those partners grow their businesses faster — is kind of where our head is at right now.

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