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Case Study: Cloud Server Just Right for Auto Dealer

April 01, 2011 - Article

Just Right Auto Sales, founded in Duluth, Ga., in 2007, is an auto sales and financing business. The car dealership features an in-house financing division that reports loan payment history to the major credit agencies, which helps their customers build or repair credit. Just Right Auto further can approve loans for customers with little or no credit history, thanks to its in-house financing approach.

Just Right Auto has payment centers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. The company also runs a dedicated customer service department whose employees call clients 72 hours after they have picked up their new vehicles. This follow-up ensures a positive buyer experience and gives Just Right Auto the chance to resolve any problems right away.

The Challenge. Because of the nature of its business, Just Right Auto needed a fast and reliable IT and communications services provider. At the same time, the company’s IT team struggled to juggle and manage multiple vendors, and wanted to streamline and simplify its processes. Specifically, Just Right Auto wanted to have an easier way to pay bills, track inventory and manage payroll.

In addition, Just Right Auto was spending too much time and money each month on on-site server backup and maintenance. The IT team was working up to 30 hours more — at a cost of $3,000 — per month to oversee these tasks.

The Solution. Just Right Auto Sales chose Cbeyond Inc. for its communications and IT services needs when it opened in 2007. And since that time, Just Right Auto has continued to add Cbeyond technologies that solve its business problems. For example, Just Right Auto recently tackled the server-maintenance issue by deploying Cbeyond’s cloud server product. The service lets users — who tend to be small and medium businesses — access their data and applications from the Internet, rather than from an office-based server. Cbeyond provides the server, operating system and anti-virus protection, and monitors and manages customers’ data around the clock.

Just Right Auto uses the Cbeyond cloud server primarily for housing financial records. But the server also hosts crucial customer data and accounting software, such as QuickBooks Enterprise. Just Right Auto further created a file transfer protocol (FTP) site for securely sending and receiving files. By having a server in the cloud, the auto dealer backs up all critical files, automatically, each night, and developed a custom application that generates financial reports each day. This capability has proven essential.

The Result. Just Right Auto now spends about $36,000 less per year on server backup and maintenance, thanks to Cbeyond’s cloud server. That has helped to keep Just Right Auto a loyal and happy customer.

“Cbeyond’s virtual server keeps my sanity in check," said Shawn Bordeaux, Just Right Auto’s chief information officer. “The server requires very little configuration and all the updates are automatically done. Now that is peace of mind."

Overall, Bordeaux added, having a cloud virtual server has saved “an exponential" amount of time and money, and dramatically increased productivity.

Not only does Just Right Auto use Cbeyond’s cloud server product, it relies on the CLEC’s voice and broadband services, secure backup and Web hosting. Just Right Auto also refers other businesses to Cbeyond on a consistent basis.

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