Case Study: my1voice Powers Energy Firm


Balanced Wind was founded in 2008 when a grant made it possible for the company to begin manufacturing its wind-powered alternative energy products in North America. The technology allows building owners in urban settings to install a wind turbine on top of a flat-roof building to generate their own clean electricity rather than purchasing it from the local power utility. This power source is more efficient, greener and more affordable than electricity brought in on the grid. Balanced Wind currently has 17 employees in the United States and is expanding its sales into Europe.

The Challenge. When Balanced Wind first launched it had only three employees, but company chairman André De Rosa saw that the potential for rapid growth was huge and wanted a phone system to support that growth.

“Many small companies operate strictly off the mobile phones of their employees," De Rosa said. “That’s a cost-effective strategy, but also a limiting one. I knew from the start that we needed something more robust. I wanted to have a single number that could be used to reach anyone in the company, with the ability to ‘zero out’ and reach someone else if the person you want to talk to is unavailable. I wanted an automated system to greet callers and help direct them rather than having to staff a receptionist, voice mail, conference calling and the like."

When he looked into purchasing a system like that, however, De Rosa couldn’t justify the expense. Unwilling to compromise on features, he began looking for an alternative that was more in line with a small but growing company’s budget.

The Solution. De Rosa determined a virtual phone service for small business would provide the phone capabilities Balanced Wind sought while bringing everyone in the company under the umbrella of a single phone number. After trying several, the company selected my1voice for its combination of call quality, ease of use, rich feature set and cost efficiency.

“The call quality on my1voice was clearly better than the others," De Rosa said. “It sounded like a normal phone conversation. And I liked the fact that anyone here could change how it’s set up versus having to call an outside technician."

The primary benefit Balanced Wind sought was the ability for callers to reach a live person rather than leave voice mail messages when an employee is not at his/her desk. my1voice’s smart call forwarding, which allows users to forward their office lines to their mobiles, home or any other numbers, has increased these first-call connections. Not only is it used when employees are away from the office — which is 90 percent of the time — it’s even valuable when they are in the office.

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