Creating Business Value

Delivering Business Guidance Value

If your salespeople are using the same sales techniques that they were trained on five or even 10 years ago, they are on automatic pilot. Salespeople today need a better strategy.

T.C. Doyle Blog

Is the Apple Watch a Partner Market?

Channel partners are salivating at the opportunity to enter the fitness, health care and entertainment markets.

Kelly Teal Blog

Cloud Partners Prizes & Parties

iPads, GoPros and money lead the giveaways, with some out-of-the-box loot sandwiched in between, while everyone’s preparing to feast on traditional New Orleans cuisine.

Channel Surfing Blog

A Passion for Fundraising

As part of his personal goal to make the world a better place, Chris Palermo, founder and CEO of Global Communication Networks (GCN), is dedicated to fundraising, and he invites his friends and professional associates to join him.

Women in the Channel

'Best Ever' WiC Event at Cloud Partners

In case you missed the “best yet" Women in the Channel event at Cloud Partners in New Orleans last month, here’s what happened.

Peer-to-Peer Blog

Get Schooled in Business

A few pickup games of basketball can teach you as much about different personality types and how to deal with them as any business course.

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Join the Channel Partners Advisory Board

Board members are instrumental in helping to shape Channel Partners Conference & Expo education, Cloud Partners education and Channel Partners editorial.

Sales Enablement Blog

Coaching Customer Advocates

The average IT purchase involves 5.4 decision makers. So even when a stakeholder intends to buy, he still must convince 4.4 other people to do the same. As a result, 70 percent of all promising deals die. You can up those odds by coaching these advocates to gain consensus.

Channel Management Blog

A Mutually Beneficial Partner Program

For small businesses, membership in a benefit-rich partner program is an effective way to function as a big business within a small business budget.

CompTIA Blog

Is It Time to Channel the IoT?

That perfect storm of opportunity appears to be building quickly for the Internet of Things (IoT). The revenue potential for the estimated 50.1 billion connected devices by the year 2020 is a staggering $1.9 trillion globally according to Gartner Research.

Technology Channel Association Blog

The Certification Gap

The gap between VARs and telecom agent partners in the area of certification is broad; it is no less broad for the suppliers who support these diverging channels.

Cloud Services Brokerage Business Blog

Enable the Cloud Buyer You must transform your marketing approach in order to attract and engage new prospective buyers for your cloud services.

Perspectives on Partnering 2020

The Channel’s Identity Crisis

With no standard by which to call themselves, channel companies compete with a bit of an identity crisis