Posted: 07/2005 Safety Quest for Qwest In an effort to prevent child victimization stemming from online threats, Qwest Communications International Inc. and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) have kicked off an Internet safety campaign for ...More
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  • Product News
    INTEC RELEASES FINANCIAL ASSURANCE MODULE Intec Telecom Systems PLC, the London-based billing and OSS vendor, has unveiled a financial assurance module for its Singl.eView billing system. Intec designed Singl.eView Financial Assurance to boost the cash flow and income of ...More
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  • Extending VoIP's Lifeline
    EarthLink Inc. in early June announced it will offer a line-powered VoIP service on a trial basis in three markets beginning this fall. The service, powered by Covad, will enable the Atlanta-based ISP to offer voice services in apples-to-apples competition with the ILECs in ...More
    July 1, 2005 By Khali Henderson Posted in Articles, Voice over IP (VoIP)/IP Telephony
  • The Analyst Corner - I See an IP PBX
    The market for IP PBXs is climbing steadily, with SMBs making up the largest portion of demand. Infonetics Research, in its Enterprise Telephony quarterly report, notes that shipments of PBX/KTS lines dropped to 6.3 million in the first quarter of 2005, or 15 percent lower ...More
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  • E911: Responding to VoIP's Emergency
    In the wake of the FCC decision to require VoIP service providers to offer E911 services, VoIP service providers have been facing an emergency themselves - one that will require fast response from the industry. The FCC gave VoIP providers 120 days - until October - to come ...More
  • PHONE+ Presents "Solutions Providers Blueprint"
    PHONE+ magazine is pleased to announce the theme of The Fall 2005 Channel Partners Conference & Agenda: "Your Solutions Provider Blueprint." "Being a converged solutions provider is what it's all about," says PHONE+ Group Publisher Marla Ellerman. "It's no longer ...More
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  • Webinars a Win-Win for Web Conferencing Sellers, Buyers
    One way to boost conferencing sales is to stop talking about it as a cost-saving communications tool and start talking about it as a profit-making presentation tool. "It's gotten to the point that [conferencing is] affordable for everybody. ...The education of the market is ...More
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  • Business Intelligence - NextiraOne Takes Convergence to the Next Level
    NextiraOne is reinventing itself. Traditionally a phone and data equipment integrator, the company now is looking at providing professional and managed services. Larry Underwood recently was appointed to head up the initiative as national vice president of managed and ...More
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  • Sales Seminars - “No” Means “Maybe” and Other Secrets to Success
    You didn’t make the ball team. You didn’t get accepted to your favorite college. You didn’t qualify for the home loan. These things do happen. Rejection is a fact of life. Successful people, however, know they need to embrace rejection instead of shy away from it.The ...More
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    POWERDSINE PowerDsine has created a 48-port PoE midspan designed for large VoIP systems.PowerDsines 24-port 6024G model of the companys new line of Power over Gigabit Ethernet Midspans is the first to ship. PowerDsine Ltd. this year so far introduced a new line ...More
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