By Rollouts of VoIP as a local service replacement have been accelerating over the past two quarters with announcements from service providers such as AT&T Corp., Qwest Communications International Inc., Cox Communications Inc., Level 3 Communications Inc. and a slew of ...More
    June 1, 2004 By Khali Henderson Posted in Articles
  • Standing Watch
    VoIP monitoring and quality assurance are growing in importance as IP-based voice services enter the mainstream. A number of vendors now offer tools designed specifically to help service providers and businesses monitor, analyze and test their IP-based voice networks and ...More
    June 1, 2004 By Paula Bernier Posted in Articles
  • Products
    TELCO INTRODUCES T5 COMPACT TARGET IDENTIFIER Telco Systems has introduced its T5 Compact Target Identifier, a switch that lets carriers conserve IP addresses by aggregating the management of up to 480 network elements through a single IP address using the Bellcore ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles
  • Just One Word – Plastic
    VARs, system integrators and agents would do well to watch some old movies every so often to get a little business advice. Remember the scene in the "The Graduate" when a Los Angeles businessman takes Dustin Hoffman aside and declares, "I just want to say one word to you – ...More
    June 1, 2004 Posted in Articles
  • PPL Telcom Solves BPL Interference Problems, Says Executive
    Mike McCabe, of Quincy, Ill., has no beef with broadband over powerline service (BPL) so long as it doesn’t disrupt his hobby as an amateur radio operator. Not all his peers feel precisely the same way. In late April, the National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL) asked ...More
    May 19, 2004 Posted in News
  • UTC Chairman Expresses Frustration over Spectrum Policy
    United Telecom Council Chairman James Stahl on Monday expressed frustration the FCC has not given utilities dedicated spectrum to use for such emergency management purposes as dispatching crew to secure downed power lines during a natural disaster. "If I sound a little ...More
    May 18, 2004 Posted in News
  • Cinergy Taps Motorola
    Cinergy, the Cincinnati-based gas and electric utility, has signed a contract with Motorola to upgrade and integrate its communications system. Cinergy will install a private voice and data IP network called Harmony Wireless Communications System throughout its ...More
    May 18, 2004 Posted in News
  • Wi-Max is Hype, but Will That Change?
    Wi-Max is a promising technology that could allow service providers to blanket entire cities with Internet access at lightning speeds. It's all hype for now, but Patrick Leary, Alvarion's assistant vice president of marketing said there are some key developments on the ...More
    May 18, 2004 Posted in News
  • Ambient, DS2 Form New Pact to Offer High-Speed BPL
    Ambient Corp., an equipment maker for the broadband over powerline market (BPL) and DS2, a supplier of silicon chipsets, on Monday disclosed a new agreement geared to allow service providers to deliver such high speed applications as video-on-demand (VOD) and video ...More
    May 18, 2004 Posted in News
  • Coalition Submits Proposal to Fix Intercarrier Compensation Regime
    The telecommunications industry has begun outlining proposals to fix the controversial, complex, and what many call antiquated, system governing how phone companies pay one another to complete calls. Within the past week, a coalition announced a proposal to replace a ...More
    May 17, 2004 Posted in Articles