• Exchanges Revisited
    The multilateral exchange has gone through many mutations over its short life but now seems to find itself at the meet-me point for clearinghouses and interconnection providers. There now are options for the exchange of IP data traffic that likely will spill over into IP ...More
    November 1, 2004 By Khali Henderson Posted in Articles
  • Ask The Expert
    Dear Expert Eye,What kinds of sales strategies can I use during the holiday season to boost my numbers? I'm a subagent and I'd like to end 2004 on a great note.Thanks,Anonymous Dear Anonymous, Great question! The holiday season is often a frustrating one for sales ...More
    November 1, 2004 Posted in Articles
  • reseller channel: Wholesale Agreements Stall
    Four weeks after a court rejected federal rules and three days after a divided FCC called upon the telecommunications industry to negotiate commercial agreements controlling wholesale access to the biggest local phone networks, SBC Communications Inc. announced striking a ...More
    November 1, 2004 Posted in Articles
  • In the Foxhole
    Small and medium businesses need the protection of networking security and they need experts in the trenches with them. SMBs need you, informed channel partner. The battle against network invaders takes place on more fronts now than ever before; there is more to consider ...More
    November 1, 2004 By Kelly Teal Posted in Articles
  • Mapping the New Long-Distance Landscape
    At the end of 2003, there were 631 longdistance carriers in the United States that generated $86.3 billion in interexchange revenue, according to ATLANTIC-ACM's new study "The New Long Distance Landscape 2004-2009: Sizing & Share."Regulatory events throughout 2003 and ...More
    November 1, 2004 Posted in Articles
  • FRAMING UP WAN Opportunities
    In wide area networking, frame relay remains the largest embedded customer base. But, along with maintaining profitable businesses, carriers want to introduce new revenue-generating services while reducing backbone operational expenses via network convergence.These forces ...More
    November 1, 2004 By Tara Seals Posted in Articles
  • Free Users from Hosting's Ball & Chain
    Residual commissions from Internet bandwidth and voice continue to decline, despite a steady, if not growing, amount of usage those services experience, prompting telecom agents to look to additional income opportunities. One answer is to sell Web hosting.A company needs ...More
    November 1, 2004 By Kelly Teal Posted in Articles
  • Agencies Analyze Payment Strategies, Offer Holiday Sales Tips
    Continuing last month’s focus on master agents’ compensation levels, T@G talks with several about the payment mixes that are working well with subagents. Read on for some holiday sales strategies, too, for revving up this typically slower sales season, and be sure to click ...More
    November 1, 2004 By Kelly Teal Posted in Articles
  • Transitions
    Telecom industry veteran Jeffrey 'Clay' Garey, 39, died Sept. 8 following a short battle with cancer. Garey and his father, Richard, were instrumental in starting National Telephone Exchange (NTX), which was sold to USLD Communications. Garey was a computer analyst and ...More
    November 1, 2004 Posted in Articles
  • Where Did AT&T Go Wrong?
    Hindsight is 20-20. However, AT&T has made a series of miscalculations since its divestiture that have landed it in its present precarious circumstances. Further cost-cutting and workforce reductions were announced in October following the company's high-profile exit ...More
    November 1, 2004 By Khali Henderson Posted in Articles