• Wireless Broadband in Gas Lines, Natural or Needless?
    Imagine watching TV and checking out the Major League Baseball scores on the Web over the same lines responsible for keeping you warm in the winter. A California startup says it has developed a technology that could deliver HDTV and other advanced broadband services over ...More
    July 1, 2005 Posted in Articles
    As carriers continue to differentiate on customer service while feeling pressured to reduce opex, driving efficiency wherever possible in the call centers has become a critical issue - as has driving new revenue through this unique channel. New technologies are tackling the ...More
    July 1, 2005 By Tara Seals Posted in Articles
  • reseller channel: News Briefs
    U.S. Wireless Online Inc., a fixed wireless broadband network operator, has made a three-year wholesale marketing agreement with CLEC Lightyear Network Solutions LLC. Lightyear will exclusively promote and sell U.S. Wireless Online's broadband service to its business ...More
    July 1, 2005 Posted in Articles
  • Sage Names New President, COO
    Terry W. Lewis has been named president and COO of Sage Telecom Inc. Lewis has more than 23 years of experience in the communications industry, most recently as group senior vice president-international operations for Verizon Communications. Lewis also served as president ...More
    June 30, 2005 Posted in News
  • Broad Air Selects AT&T Networking Infrastructure
    Broad Air Communications Inc., a provider of high-speed Internet access for residential and business customers, has selected AT&T Corp. to provide portions of the networking infrastructure for its wireless Internet service. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.Using ...More
    June 30, 2005 Posted in News
  • OnFiber Targets Underserved Central Offices
    OnFiber Communications says it is offering service to underserved central offices (COs). The company will combine the resources of multiple carriers to give carrier customers an alternative to purchasing directly from the ILEC.“We wanted to help competitive carriers deal ...More
    June 30, 2005 Posted in News
  • AT&T Shareholders Give Nod to SBC Merger
    AT&T Corp. shareholders on Thursday voted to approve SBC Communications Inc.’s $16 billion acquisition of AT&T. Approximately 98 percent of voting shareholders approved the landmark agreement with less than 1 percent opposed, The Associated Press reported. AT&T ...More
    June 30, 2005 Posted in News
  • Covad Looks to Samsung for Line-Powered Voice Equipment
    Covad Communications Group Inc. said this week it has chosen Samsung Telecommunications America as the provider of new central office equipment for Covad's line-powered voice access. The technology enables Covad to offer basic local and long-distance voice services, along ...More
    June 30, 2005 Posted in News
  • eLEC’s Futuristic Network Center Supports New Wholesale Service
    eLEC Communications Corp.’s VoX Communications subsidiary has launched wholesale versions of its hosted VoIP services for residential and business customers. The packages include more than 20 class 5 call features, voice mail and enhanced call handling. eLEC also is ...More
    June 29, 2005 Posted in News
  • PNG Expands Market for Local, Long-Distance Bundles
    For the second time in as many weeks, PowerNet Global Communications has launched local and long-distance service bundles to residential customers, this time in Massachusetts and North Carolina. The company’s agents and affinity partners market its services. The ...More
    June 29, 2005 Posted in News