• EZData Enables Tax Data Customization
    New EZData software from BillSoft Inc. gives businesses the freedom to customize their tax data. According to the software vendor, this is the first time such a capability has been available to the general business community. Companies can use EZData to add or customize ...More
    November 2, 2004 Posted in News
  • Enterprises Stay on Course with Managed Services
    Outsourcing sections of IT infrastructure that are difficult to maintain or require expensive manpower and constant vigilance has become more common as enterprises with unwieldy corporate structures look to focus on core competencies and steer towards top-line revenue, ...More
    November 2, 2004 By Tara Seals Posted in News
  • DCA Services Offers Consulting, Auditing, Online Reporting
    DCA Services Inc. (Booth 201), a service bureau for OSS and billing administration, will offer consulting, auditing services and online reporting tools as part of its service contract. DCA Services says it will perform an operational audit during the implementation phase at ...More
    November 2, 2004 Posted in News
  • CustomCall Data Systems Supports VoIP Providers
    CustomCall Data Systems (Booth 200) says its billing and OSS systems now supports carriers providing VoIP services. Earlier this summer, CustomCall Data Systems began providing OSS and billing solutions to VoIP providers after adapting its systems to integrate with VoIP ...More
    November 2, 2004 Posted in News
  • Concretio Expands Set of OSS Modules
    Concretio, an OSS provider, has released an expanded version of the Complete Suite set of modules to support conversions from UNE-P to UNE-L, VoDSL and LSR gateway functions. The Naperville, Ill., company says Complete Suite allows facilities-based carriers to acquire new ...More
    November 2, 2004 Posted in News
  • CIMCO Services Address Network Security
    In an effort to address the growing network security concerns of corporations, CIMCO Communications Inc. is offering a suite of new services to fight viruses, spam and unwanted content. CIMCO SecureBiz Email Security Services, managed by CIMCO security experts, free up ...More
    November 2, 2004 Posted in News
  • Cellular Industry Offers New Revenue Opportunities
    Carrier’s carriers not targeting the cellular industry are overlooking an important revenue stream. That’s the key message of today’s Capturing Wireless Traffic and Extra Revenue session. “We hope to be able to demonstrate there are very attractive opportunities for folks ...More
    November 2, 2004 Posted in News
  • BCI Appoints President
    Billing Services Group LLC (Booth 211) has appointed Don Philbin as the president of Billing Concepts Inc. Philbin brings more than 15 years of experience to the post, and has been closely associated with Billing Concepts since the company’s inception in 1988, where he has ...More
    November 2, 2004 Posted in News
  • Broadwing CEO Delivers Keynote
    Broadwing Corp.’s CEO Dr. David R. Huber addresses CompTel/ASCENT ’04 attendees today on the evolution of the communications industry and how service providers must adapt. "Telecom companies have been forced to choose between three paths in this challenging marketplace: ...More
    November 1, 2004 Posted in News
  • Frisby: We’ll Do Whatever It Takes
    In his opening remarks today, CompTel/ASCENT CEO H. Russell Frisby Jr. plans to talk about the association’s plans to counter the impacts of recent actions by the DC Circuit and the FCC that he says have left providers in a competitive “no man’s land” where they are unsure ...More
    November 1, 2004 Posted in News