• Matthew Flanigan
    THEN: Matthew Flanigan was president of Cognitronics, a maker of CO equipment to replace operators. He also was a board member of the Telecommunications Industry Association. "Back then was shortly after the breakup of the old Bell System," he recalls. "It was about trying ...More
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  • Carl Grivner
    THEN: In 1987, Carl Grivner was vice president of national sales at Ameritech, which was one of the newly created seven Baby Bell companies. It operated in five states of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. NOW: He is CEO of XO Communications, the country's ...More
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  • Bernie Ebbers
    THEN: Bernie Ebbers was CEO for Mississippi-based long-distance reseller Long Distance Discount Service (LDDS), which in 1995 became WorldCom Inc. The company’s legendary buying spree -- 65 transactions since the company was created in 1983 – including the $40 billion ...More
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  • Vinton Cerf
    THEN: Computer scientist Vinton Cerf, who lead the development of the TCP/IP protocols and the Internet during his time with DARPA, just left MCI after engineering MCI Mail, the first commercial e-mail service connected to the Internet. He went to work for the Corporation ...More
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  • William G. McGowan
    THEN: MCI Chairman William G. McGowan underwent a heart transplant in 1987. After a six-month recovery, he returned to his post as chairman until his death in 1992. During his tenure at MCI, the company grew from startup to $9.5 billion and had 16 percent of the American ...More
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  • Harold H. Greene
    THEN: U.S. District Court Judge Harold H. Greene was just a few years past presiding over the antitrust suit that broke up the AT&T telecommunications monopoly. The case was one of Greene’s first after being named to the bench. NOW: Judge Greene, who stopped hearing ...More
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  • So Long, 2006!
    With the final days of 2006 coming to a close, I suppose it’s customary to say a few words about the soon-to-be-deceased: Good Riddance! There are a few choice words for you, but to be fair they were probably more appropriate for years 2001 through 2005. This past year ...More
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  • AT&T Makes More Concessions in Bid to Close BellSouth Merger
    AT&T Inc. late Thursday made additional concessions in its bid to acquire BellSouth Corp.; critics have complained that the Bell company’s Oct. 13 compromises did not go far enough. AT&T filed a letter with the FCC on Dec. 28, stating it was trying to “break the ...More
    December 28, 2006 By Kelly Teal Posted in News
  • Bundle Up! VoIP CPE/Services Ease SMB Sales
    Service providers and gear makers are getting together to sell their VoIP services to SMBs in bundles through VARs. Want to find out how your agency can profit from these marketing matchups? Channel partners can now provide customers with a service and CPE solution that's ...More
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  • Mike Miller
    THEN: In 1987, Mike Miller was director and area manager for ITT-USTS (United States Transmission Systems Inc., which sold private lines over an analog microwave network running from New York City to Houston through the Atlantic and Southern states and had 1,200 employees ...More
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