• People Then & Now
    THEN: U.S. District Court Judge Harold H. Greene was just a few years past presiding over the antitrust suit that broke up the AT&T monopoly. The case was one of Greene’s first after being named to the bench. NOW: Judge Greene, who stopped hearing cases in 1998 and died ...More
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  • Associations Then & Now
    LONG-DISTANCE THEN: COMPTEL, the result of the 1984 merger of the Association of Long Distance Telephone Companies (ALTEL) and the American Council of Competitive Communications (ACCC), expanded its focus on long-distance competitors to include local, wireless and Internet ...More
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  • CN3 Convergence Device Debuts
    BRINGING NEW MEANING TO CONVERGED DEVICES, Intermec Inc. in September introduced the CN3, a small rugged mobile computer that combines four radios with a scanner and camera. The CN3 enables mobile workers to swap the single-function devices – cell phone, GPS unit, pager, ...More
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  • Blackberry Jungle
    AS ANY PARENT OR RECENT COLLEGE grad knows, school is a far more rigorous environment than it used to be. The infusion of the Internet and cellular technology into campus fundamentally has altered the academic process and the capabilities of school administrators. For ...More
    December 29, 2006 By Tara Seals Posted in Articles
  • Has It Been That Long?
    DOING ANYTHING WORTHWHILE FOR 20 years is remarkable, isn’t it? This year, PHONE+ will mark two decades covering the communications industry. (Yes, it’s been that long.) This achievement is all the more noteworthy given the instability of the newly competitive market. I use ...More
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  • Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?
    RELYING ON THE INDIRECT channel is an appropriate strategy for enhancing sales. However, many service providers unknowingly poison their own efforts by making decisions that are detrimental to sustainable programs. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid.Setting Unrealistic ...More
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  • Product Showcase: Mobility Management
    Synchronica MobileManager Supports More Devices Click to Enlarge Synchronica Plc recently launched version 1.3 of its MobileManager software, which now supports Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices, as well as Series 60, 80 and 90 Symbian Smartphones. The platform allows ...More
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  • Roy A. Wilkens
    THEN: Roy A. Wilkens was president of Williams Telecommunications Co. (WilTel) in 1987 and was beginning to be vindicated for his gutsy decision -- as president of Williams Pipeline Co. -- to use the company's gas rights of way for fiber-optic telecommunications. The ...More
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  • John Marsch
    THEN: John Marsch was CEO of TMC California, which was founded in 1982 and built the first digital microwave network to connect area businesses with fiber-optic technology. It provided service to more than 14,000 commercial customers and had 150 employees and seven offices ...More
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  • Sherm Henderson
    THEN: Sherm Henderson was founder and CEO of Charter Network Inc., a long-distance reseller operating in the Ameritech region. "In 1987, I was real happy to be a long-distance provider in five states," he recalls. NOW: Today, Henderson is CEO of Lightyear Network Solutions ...More
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