Apple’s iPhone 6 Release Date Could Feature Two Devices

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Now that Apple has debuted two new iPhones at once for the first time, is it something we’ll see again?

Most likely, says Katy Huberty, who keeps an eye on Apple products for Morgan Stanley.

Huberty says the approach Apple took with the iPhones this fall delivering the flagship 5s along with a cheaper alternative, the iPhone 5c was “a thoughtful approach.” She now believes, after a meeting with Apple execs, that the Silicon Valley giant is ready for “multiple refreshes per year,” Apple Insider said.

The need to release more than one handset this year likely stemmed from steeper competition. Samsung and other manufacturers have been producing multiple smartphones at various price points for years.

Apple unveiled two new iPads at once for the first time a year ago when it introduced the fourth-generation, full-screen iPad and the iPad mini. The company followed that up with its fifth-generation tablet and its second-generation mini this fall.

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