Biggest Bill Shock Ever: Woman Gets $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill

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A trillion used to seem like a big number.

But that’s peanuts to a woman in France who got a bill from Bouygues Telecom that asked her to pay more than 11 quadrillion euros ($15 quadrillion U.S.). It looks more impressive in number form: 11,721,000,000,000,000.

For a moment there appeared to be an answer to the world’s economic problems; but alas, Solenne San Jose, who calls the Bordeaux region home, doesn’t have that much money. And as it turns out, obviously, this was a mistake made by the carrier   a printing error.

San Jose acknowledged that she was expecting a penalty for ending her contract early, but this was certainly more than she expected. When she called to tell Bouygues Telecom about the error, she says a customer-service rep told her that they couldn’t stop the payment from being automatically debited from her bank account!

"Another simply informed me that I would be contacted to set up a repayment plan of installments," San Jose told French newspaper Sud Ouest. Hmmm… about a billion a week for the rest of her life, maybe?

San Jose finally got the bill down to about $150.

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