MicroCorp Ramps Up President’s Club Incentives With Windstream, Level 3, Others

MicroCorp is getting its agents hyped up for the latest President’s Club trip, scheduled for April 13-20 of next year.

The master agency is promising that partners who qualify as top performers for 2012 will be treated, along with a guest, to a Caribbean cruise on the newest, “most luxurious” ship in the Celebrity fleet.

So what does it take to score a place on the boat? Well, MicroCorp has arranged some special incentives with its carrier partners. For example, if you are the first agent to sell $20,000 in monthly recurring commission (MRC) for Windstream by Dec. 31, you’ll enjoy the seven-day Caribbean getaway. Here are the other offers:

  • ACC Business: First to sell $25,000 in MRC
  • Cbeyond: Qualifying sales of $25,000 in MRC
  • Comcast Business Class: Qualifying sales of $10,000 in MRC
  • EarthLink Business: Qualifying sales of $20,000 in MRC
  • Level 3: Qualifying sales of $25,000 in MRC
  • M5 Networks: Qualifying sales of $25,000 in MRC
  • MicroCorp: Qualifying sales of $35,000 in MRC in aggregate across 45 carriers

Terms and conditions do apply, so be sure to check with MicroCorp for details.

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