Verizon Chides FCC for Wireless Competition Report

The Federal Communications Commission on Monday released its annual wireless competition report.

For the second year in a row, the agency omitted the conclusion that the market is effectively competitive,” according to Verizon Communications.

But Verizon – which along with Vodafone Group plc is a joint owner of the nation’s largest wireless operator, Verizon Wireless – indicated the FCC should have reached such a conclusion.

The U.S. has the most innovative, dynamically competitive wireless market in the world,” said Kathleen Grillo, Verizons senior vice president of federal regulatory relations, in a statement.

The FCCs report appears to indicate that Verizons competitors are simply other wireless network providers, Grillo said, but she asserted thats not the case.

Today wireless competition comes from cable companies; Wi-Fi and satellite service providers; handset, tablet and laptop manufacturers; operating system and application designers, and many others,” she said. All these players both compete against each other and partner, driving innovation and giving consumers more choices and lower prices in the wireless market.”

Verizons closest competitor, AT&T, isn’t likely to argue with Grillo’s assessment.  The company has made similar statements to regulators and lawmakers in defense of its pending acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

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