Polycom Releases Low-Cost Video Conferencing System

Polycom Inc. (PLCM) has introduced a new high-resolution video conferencing system with a list price of $3,999. Designed to deliver high-resolution, DVD-quality video at very low bandwidth, Polycom said the QDX 6000 delivers features and performance previously found only in more expensive, enterprise-class video solutions.

The Polycom QDX 6000 video conferencing solution provides real-time, face-to-face interaction and the ability to share work including movies, spreadsheets, presentations, images, or physical items like barcodes, envelopes and products through a variety of high-resolution peripherals (PC, DVD player, document camera, etc.). And, Polycom said that with high-resolution video calls starting at bandwidths as low as 256kbps, customers don’t need large or expensive IP networks.

The standard Polycom QDX 6000 configuration includes a high-resolution full-motion pan/tilt/zoom camera that features 12x zoom capabilities, supports DVD-quality, high-resolution video at 30 fps, and offers 99 presets that make it simple to instantly zoom in and out for various applications. It also includes content-sharing as a standard capability, allowing users to easily share multimedia content during a video call using their wired or wireless broadband connection. The included high-fidelity microphones support high-definition stereo audio and are immune to disruptive interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices (GSM interference). The Polycom QDX 6000 supports widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) format natively, but also works with standard televisions (4:3 aspect ratio). It supports dual monitors and can take input from up to five video sources (cameras, PC, document camera, DVD player.

Polycom QDX 6000 is now orderable with a recommended list price of $3,999 and worldwide availability planned for this month. Polycom also offers optional remote or onsite installation services. Polycom solutions and support services are available through certified Polycom channel partners.

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