Mobile Mark Introduces Omni-Directional Antennas

Mobile Mark Inc. (Booth 1016) has introduced a new line of omni-directional antennas for applications in frequencies above 3GHz. These include WiMAX at 3.5GHz, public safety at 4.9GHz, broadband 802.11a at 5.2 -5.8GHz and DSRC at 5.9GHz.

The new omni-directional ECO Series antennas offer a weatherproof and durable design for both indoors and outdoors that is also economical.

The new antennas provide a uniform horizontal pattern and excellent frequency response. In addition, the ECO Series omnis are free-space antennas; no ground plane is required.

The standard mounting hardware allows for either pole or wall mounting. The versatile mounting base can be used with a U-bolt for pipe mounting or it can be attached directly to the wall for a discreet but sturdy wall mount.

Customers also have the option of a drop ceiling mount.

The antennas are available in 6 dBi, 9 dBi and 12 dBi gain, ranging in length from 11 inches to 19 inches, depending on the particular combination of frequency and gain. This slim-line antenna measures 0.65 inches in diameter at the fiber-glass radome and 0.9 inches at the antenna base. Not only does the small profile blend into the background, but wind-loading also is minimized.

For mobile applications, the ECO Series antennas are available in mag-mount or trunk-lip mount styles. The antennas attach quickly to a vehicle and can be moved easily from vehicle to vehicle. The mobile antennas are furnished in black and models are configured at 6 dBi and 9 dBi gain. An elevated-feed version of the 6 dBi antenna is also available. Mobile antennas particularly are useful for public safety 4.9GHz and DSRC 5.9GHz applications.

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